29 Oct 2016

diy pencil cup sleeves

Today I have a new DIY and printable template for you all! I find it really hard to find nice pencil cups that are plain and have a simple shape (yes, I'm picky!). I often use glassware for holders so I have created an origami wrap that you can print out.

All you have to do is print it out on some different patterned or coloured cardboard, cut out the shape, score the folds and stick it together. It's really simple and can slip over a small glass which becomes invisible.

Download the template here

Note: Put glue on the bit with the isometric dots on the opposite side and it should sit square on a desk!

Until next week,
xo Harri


8 Oct 2016

room tour edit. five

Holy moly - room tour edition 5!
That's right, it's that time again when I tidy my room and remove all my excess 'stuff' so it looks picture perfect and you all pin it to Pinterest and believe that this is my room every day of the year...yeah right!

Have a look at two, three and four before the latest one and see my (constant) changing style!

I'm swooning over my fab new blush pillowcases right now from Cultiver linen. The colour is utterly perfect and it's my main inspiration for my colour scheme currently.

For this room style I followed my own tips for changing your room style and kept everything very simple and neutral coloured. I actually really like having a room that isn't screaming colour but still has accents of my current favourite!

My desk is the same as it's always been but I've kept the decorations to a minimal so I can actually find space to use it. It's exam season in New Zealand so I need all the space I can get! Underneath I have my copper wire baskets and other storage boxes for the storage of unnecessary but also really needed things.

I'm also in love with my latest moodboard. Like seriously crazy about it. I also finally bought some black washi tape and that's been highly useful for my addiction to sticking stuff to my walls!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my room!
Have a fabulous week (and feel for me as I sit my mock exams :( )
xx Harri